Pakistan Aid worker in city climate change visit


Oxfam’s Arbab Shakar to raise awareness of climate change in Pakistan

AN Oxfam air worker from Pakistan is to visit Birmingham to raise awareness of the impact of climate change in Pakistan.

Arbab Shakar hopes to raise awareness of the issue saying it is not widely known amongst Pakistani communities living in Britain. 

“I would like the people of Birmingham to know that their support can go a long way to improving the lives of people in poor countries,” he said.

Mr Shakar specialises in Disaster Risk Reduction, working with communities who are vulnerable to droughts, floods and cyclones. He also works to prepare villages and towns for future disasters to limit the damage done.

While in Birmingham he will be visiting the Parkhill School, which has a large Pakistani community.

Climate change campaigner Sophie Ireland organised Mr Shakar’s visit.

She said: “The school trip is ideal for getting Shakar’s message out there. He’ll tell the kids, they’ll tell their parents who will in turn tell their families. Also coming from someone who has seen the effects of climate change first hand, it will really bring the issue to life.”


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