Group calls off Wooton Bassett march


Islam4UK release statement saying march will not go ahead

ISLAM4UK has called off its plan tomarch through the town of Wooton Bassett.

The controversial group sparked fury afterannouncing plans to march through theWilshire town famous for honouring fallen British soldiers.

The group, headed by Anjem Choudary had said the march would honour the “innocent Muslim men, women and children” who have died during the conflict in Afghanistan.

But in a statement on their website, the group said they had “successfully highlightedthe plight of Muslims in Afghanistan” andwould not go through with their plan.

News the cancellation came amid reports Home Secretary Alan Johnson was on theverge of outlawing the group.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown also voiced his distain as the plans, calling them“disgusting”, while a number of Muslim organisations refused to back Islam4UK.

The group said that while plans for the march had now been cancelled, they wouldcontinue in their vocal opposition to the Afghanistan war.

“We will not remain silent on the atrocities being committed in Afghanistan under the guise of fighting for freedom and democracy and it also does not mean that we will not continue to highlight the true cost of this war against Islam and Muslims called fighting terrorism,” the statement said.

“We once again appeal to the British public and in particular the families and friends of soldiers who have died or are currently involved in Afghanistan to engage with us in an honest dialogue. There is common ground between us. Just as you grieve the deaths of your sons and daughters, we too grieve the deaths of thousands of ordinary Muslim men, women and children, just as many of you are aware of the injustice and oppression being carried out by the US led alliance in Afghanistan (of which the UK is a part) and do not agree with your children being in this war, we too demand the immediate withdrawal of all British troops from this Muslim land.”


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