Husband attacked wife with cleaver after curry row


Mukhtar Ali jailed for four and a half years

A MAN has been jailed after attacking his wife in a frenzy with a vegetable cleaver.

Mukhtar Ali caused deep serious wounds, severing his wife’s ear and missing her spinal cord by a fraction, in a ‘blind fury’ during an argument over cooking curry.

He was jailed for four and a half years at Luton Crown Court and will be deported to Bangladesh at the end of his sentence.

Ali, 43, of Mossdale Court, Luton, pleaded guilty on Monday 27 April at Luton Crown Court to wounding Nasna Begum with intent. He had originally been charged with attempted murder, but the prosecution accepted his plea to the lesser charge.

Beverley Cripps, prosecuting, said the couple married in 2004 but during the last couple of years they had been arguing more and there had been two or three violent episodes.

She told the court: “On 10 December last year they were arguing in the kitchen about some cooking when he suddenly picked up the article used for chopping vegetables which has a sharp blade. He came at her and hit her on the neck. She screamed and tried to grab the weapon. She was holding onto it for her life. The struggle continued in the passageway and her wrist was cut down to the bone and fractured.”

Miss Cripps said a neighbour heard her shouts and tried to get in but the door had been bolted.

Eventually the semi-conscious victim was rescued and taken to hospital. She had six main cuts, four of them deep and other defensive injuries.

Lewis Power, defending, told the court Ali had reacted in a “blind fury” and “deeply” regretted his actions.

“For the last two years there has been a lot of tension in the house. He has been unable to work because his immigration status had not been finalised,” Mr Power said.

“That day there was an argument over the cooking of a curry. He reacted in a blind fury and deeply regrets that. He has tortured himself mentally about what he has done and is very remorseful.”

Jailing Ali Judge Richard Foster said: “The way you attacked your wife was despicable. It was a sustained attack with a hideous weapon, it was not just a flash of temper but it went on and on and she suffered severe injuries.

“It is fortunate you were not facing a murder charge and you could have caused permanent disability if you had damaged her spinal cord.

“During this frenzied attack you had no concern for your wife, you had completely lost control of yourself.”


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