Charity tackles suicide amongst South Asians

New DVD launched as part of prevention awareness

NEW resources are being launched by a leading UK charity to help in the fight against suicides in the South Asian community.

PAPYRUS the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide, have launched a short film If Only … and an audio Urdu translation of the charity’s booklet Not Just a Cry for Help.

The Charity said it hoped the resources would help combat the current alarming number of suicides by young South Asian people.

Research studies highlight the increased risk of self harm and suicide in young South Asian women, which can be double that of the rest of the population.

With funding from the Department for Children, Schools and Families PAPYRUS commissioned the film If Only … to raise awareness of the vulnerability factors that can increase the risk of self harm and suicide in the South Asian Community – both young women and men. Issues explored within the film include domestic violence, forced marriage, cultural conflict, family honour and shame.

PAPYRUS trustee, 24 year old Samina Hassan led the initiative.

“The rates of suicide and self harm in the South Asian community need to be highlighted,” she said. “Suicide and self harm are often regarded as taboo subjects in these communities and are rarely talked about. South Asians are one of the groups who are least likely to seek help for mental distress.

Language barriers and lack of cultural awareness can often mean that there is a lack of support.

“There are serious issues in these communities that are too often suppressed. This can lead to severe distress: at worst, suicide,” Samina emphasised. If only … attempts to explore and facilitate discussion on some of these concerns. Whilst some of the issues covered in the film may feature in a number of people’s lives, it is important that the assumption is not made that this is the case for all South Asians. This can be just as damaging as ignoring the issues altogether.”

For more information and copies of the DVD and Urdu CD please contact PAPYRUS tel 01282 432 555 email or visit


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