Shoaib launches second ban appeal


Entire ban to be contested, says legal rep

SHOAIB Akhtar has appealed for the second time against his five year ban despite it being reduced to 18 months.

The Pakistan fast bowler is seeking to overturn the initial ban imposed on him by the Pakistan Cricket Board at the Lahore High Court after he filed a petition.

The bowler, who had the term reduced to 18 months by a tribunal, still feels the initial ban was unjustified.

 “I want to play for Pakistan as soon as possible,” Shoaib told PTI. “I was disappointed with the tribunal’s decision on my appeal.”

Abid Hasan Minto, Shoaib’s legal counsel, described the initial ban as “illegal and unjustified”, adding, “We believe he is being prevented from playing cricket for his country by an illegal decision of the board. The ban itself is very harsh. We are contesting the entire ban.”

Nasim Ashraf, the Pakistan board chairman said Shoaib’s only avenue now was through the courts.

“I can’t overturn the reduced ban on him. The decision made by Justice Aftab Farrukh is final and it can only be challenged in the court,” he said. 


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