Hindu’s hit out at PM

A NUMBER of Hindu organisations across Britain have hit out at Prime Minister Gordon Brown accusing him of ignoring their needs and concerns.

Hindu frustrations have been at a high since the killing of the ‘sacred’ cow Gangotri in December who was put down by the RSPCA to the fury of the Hindu community.

Last month the Hindu Forum of Britain wrote a letter to Gordon Brown pressing for answers over the killing.

At the Bhaktivedanta Manor farm in Watford on Sunday where Europe’s largest cow protection farm was opened, Hindu leaders vented their anger at the government.

“This Government has no regard for the needs of communities that do not shout,” said Sudarshan Bhatia, President of the National Council of Hindu Temples.

“Hindu leaders wrote to the Prime Minister 45 days ago, and there is not even an acknowledgement. If this had been some other community, the Government would have rushed to find a solution. Just because Hindus are quiet, we are ignored, isolated and sidelined.”

Ishwer Tailor, President of the Hindu Forum of Britain, added: “There has been a catalogue of issues that we have raised with the Government and they have ignored our concerns. Of course, there is a lot of lip-service, tokenistic meetings and assurances, but very little practical action follows. Having spoken to several stakeholders, I know that our community is becoming increasingly restless with this Government and wondering whether it is even worth continuing to engage with them.”

Hindu leaders travelled from throughout Britain to take part in Sunday’s ceremony that included chanting of 10,000 year old Sanskrit prayers, ancient costumes, traditional dances, and devotional singing to the accompaniment of Indian drums and cymbals. It culminated in four simultaneous “yajnas”, where priests pouring sanctified offerings of clarified butter into a large sacred fire.

Plans for building the cow protection centre were approved by Hertsmere Borough Council after several planning applications and a public enquiry.


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