Holidaymakers warned about health hazards

A BIRMINGHAM charity has launched its pre-travel health and safety campaign to raise awareness amongst British holidaymakers.

Senior doctors from The Association of British Hujjaj said there was a growing problem with widespread ignorance amongst holidaymakers of the necessity of taking Health & Safety precautions before and during their visit.

The charity say a substantial number of travellers do not take the vaccinations required, and that they are risking their health by not taking the proper preventative measures against potentially life-threatening diseases such as Meningitis, Malaria and Hepatitis.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Many cases of Meningitis, Malaria and Hepatitis have been diagnosed amongst UK travellers in recent years and deaths from malaria doubled from 2002 to 2003 amongst these travellers.

“The senior doctors have warned specifically to those who plan to travel during this summer holiday season to Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to take appropriate precautions to minimise their exposure to health hazards. The lack of sanitation and hygiene facilities in these developing countries is a major cause of concern.”

In a joint statement, the doctors said: “We strongly urge the travellers to speak to their GP, practice nurse or travel clinic up to eight weeks before travelling to get the best advice on protection”.


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