Bolly babe getting flirty in BB house!


Shilpa flying high on Celebrity Big Brother

STUNNING Shilpa Shetty admitted she oozed sex appeal and it seems to be working a charm on fellow housemate and former A-Teamer’ Dirk Benedict!

The Bolly babe became the first Bollywood star to take part in a UK reality show after she danced her way into the Celebrity Big Brother house last week.

The 31-year-old braved the cold and rain as she was whisked into the house alongside a host of well known celebrities including Jermaine Jackson, older brother of Michael, former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd and ‘A-Team’ actor Dirk Benedict.

Shilpa, who is used to living in luxury as one of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses, will be forced to share a bedroom with her housemates and will have to undergo weekly tasks in order to guarantee a decent food budget.

And while many thought she would be in for a shock after admitting to host Davina MacCal she had never seen the UK version of the hit reality show, the film star seems to have taken to the house like water off a duck’s back!

Having been paid a reported fee of £360,000 to appear on the show, sultry Shilpa will look to get her beats racing after admitting she oozed sex appeal in a pre-recorded interview played seconds before she entered the house.

“My sex appeal lies in my body and my body language. My carriage, my eyes, my smile”.

So how is Shilpa coping in the Big Brother house? Remarkable well surprisingly two housemates have already jumped ship.

Not only has Shilpa taught some of her housemates the art of meditation but she seems to have bonded well with one particular housemate.

With rumours abound of a forthcoming flirting task, Shilpa seems to have started early with a number of housemates taking note to some flirting between the Bollywood bombshell and everyone’s favourite A-Teamer’, Dirk Benedict.

Fellow housemates Jo, Ian and Cleo gossiped about the pair. “Is she flirting with him?” Ian asked. “I think so,” Jo nodded with a smirk. “What did Shilpa say?” Cleo asked, “Was it ‘he’s not my type?'”

“Was it flirty laughter?” Ian pressed, getting right in to the gossip. “Yeah, girly laughter,” Jo happily told him. “That’s what she does,” Ian said knowingly. “What are we going to tell Dirk?” Cleo smiled.

But while they were busy working out what to tell Dirk, Danielle was already cutting to the chase. “Do you think there’ll be a happy ending between you and Shilpa?” She cheekily asked him. “There already is. I have been flirting with her, I tease her…it makes me happy” Dirk replied.

Interesting stuff! Watch this space!


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