The BBC’s new show, The Ultimate Wedding Planner, welcomes esteemed judge Raj Somaiya to its panel of experts alongside Fred Sirieux and Sara Davies. With an impressive track record in event planning and a reputation as CEO of Silverfox Events, Raj Somaiya brings his unparalleled expertise and discerning eye to the show.

Raj Somaiya’s remarkable journey as the go-to “Planner to the Stars” has solidified his standing as a visionary in the event planning industry. His creative flair and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in some of the most exquisite and memorable celebrations, captivating both high-profile clients and audiences alike.

As a judge on Ultimate Wedding Planner, Raj Somaiya will share his invaluable insights, offering contestants a chance to learn from his wealth of experience. His discerning taste and ability to transform any event into a captivating masterpiece will undoubtedly elevate the competition to new heights.

“I’m thrilled to be part of Ultimate Wedding Planner and contribute to the discovery of new talents in the world of wedding planning. It’s an honor to work alongside such talented individuals and help shape the next generation of event planners,” said Raj Somaiya.
Ultimate Wedding Planner continues to captivate audiences with its engaging challenges and heartwarming stories. With Raj Somaiya on board, the show promises even more inspiration and excitement for viewers as contestants strive to create breathtaking weddings under his expert guidance.


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