A fight broke out in the crowd at Sidhu Moose Wala’s concert at the Birmingham O2 Academy on Saturday 18 January.

A video that has been circled shows the concert is stopped as Sidhu asks everyone to calm down. One lone voice is heard above the others shouting ‘bang him, bang him’ meaning hit him.


There are collective boos across the venue as the rapper appeals to the crowd to “chill”.

At one point he is heard saying: “Birmingham you need to chill.”

It is not known what caused the brawl, but it is believed to be have been fuelled by drunken/anti-social behaviour

The concert started at 6pm on Saturday and is said to have continued.

People in the crowd are seen filming the shameful episode but it is not believed the matter was reported to West Midlands Police.

Sidhu is a very popular Indian born singer, lyricist, rapper and actor associated with Punjabi music and cinema.

The 30-year-old moved to Canada where he released his first song ‘G Wagon’.

Sidhu has performed at two sold-out concerts in London and Birmingham this weekend. According to media reports, shows in Leicester and Leeds which were scheduled for earlier in the week have been cancelled.

His official Twitter and Facebook pages made no reference to Saturday’s outbreak of violence.



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