As we all know Veganuary is here and it means that all major restaurants and supermarkets are boosting their meat-free ranges. After the festive season and all the excess eating and drinking, thoughts often turn to trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Many people make New Years resolutions to eat less meat or become vegetarian or vegan. With this is mind many supermarkets and restaurants have launched more vegetarian or vegan options.

So here’s where you can get all the veggie food from…

Mcdonald’s have launched a new veggie Happy Meal and a new spicy veggie wrap.

Greg’s is now offering a vegan sausage roll which is made with a quorn sausage and flaky pastry.

Pizza Hut have launched a vegan Pizza topping offering a brand new Vegan Jack ‘N’ Cheese option in all UK Branches. And there is many more places, make sure to keep an eye out…


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