A young family who lived in Great Barr decided to pack up and move out of Birmingham because they don’t feel safe.

Kiran Kaur, 23, and her husband, who wants to remain anonymous with their one-year-old son are living with family in Manchester after being targeted by car thieves. Mum Kiran told BirminghamLive : “We’ve been in Great Barr for exactly three years, but we’ve had to get away.

“My husband purchased a new BMW 5 Series in March and, in July, it was stolen off our driveway. We woke up and it wasn’t there.

“[Thieves] used like an iPad to hack in and steal it. I’ve got a Toyota Yaris so obviously they did want that.”

Around 2 months ago Kiran’s husband bought a Jaguar XF and in fear of it being taken, the 25-year-old is now getting rid of it.

“My husband can’t sleep at night,” added Kiran, “every time a car goes past or drives slowly he’s up and looking out of the window.

“The final straw was Sunday (October 7) when we caught a man snooping around taking photos of our Jaguar before casually driving off.

“A white van then turned up on the Thursday, again stopping to take a look.

“We’ve had CCTV put in and automated lights but, even now, we’ve seen a van drive past checking our house out.

“It’s been so distressing for all of us, it’s the fear of what could happen and, on Monday, we packed our things up and are living at the in-laws here in Manchester.

“We feel 10 times safer straight away. It’s a rough area but we’re safer than being in Great Barr, it’s crazy. Now my husband is getting rid of his Jaguar, you just can’t have anything nice anymore because [thieves] will just take it.

“He works hard and has a good job, so why can’t he have a nice car?”

Kiran added: “We’ve got a young son and we all could be asleep when they come for the car, we just had to get out.

“We’re not sure if we’ll return to Birmingham. It’s so bad at the moment.”

We have been told this week how Great Barr had seen a surge in crime.


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