A ‘dangerous’ faith healer is destroying families in Birmingham by telling relatives to cut ties with each other, it has been claimed.

A woman who alerted the issue said she had been financially exploited by the man.

A letter to Leicester newspaper she said he flew into the UK regularly from India and presented himself as a spiritual healer in both Birmingham and Leicester. The newspaper said his details had been passed to the authorities.

In her letter, the woman said: “He is a very dangerous man, taking money and telling families they must cut ties with each other.

“He has caused destruction in families in Leicester and Birmingham.

“Many will not come forward because they are embarrassed that he has given them false hope.

“He comes across very sweet

“Anything that is happening in my life is because of ‘black magic’.

“It’s lucky I have come out of his trap.

“My family has cut ties with me. He has a stronghold on them.”

The woman has not disclosed how much money she or her family had given to the crook

The man’s methods are similar to those of con artists highlighted by Leicestershire Police and trading standards officials at Leicester City Council on several occasions in the past few years.

The so-called ‘healers’ claim to be able to lift curses, ensure success in business and cure illnesses from cancer to depression.

The woman’s letter and a photograph of the suspect has been passed on to trading standards.

They have investigated her report, but are not aware of any complaints relating to his conduct.

A city council spokeswoman said: “That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been active in Leicester.

“It’s just that the people who tend to fall victim to these individuals are often ashamed to admit they’ve been duped or they’re reluctant to come forward with hard evidence.

“We suspect that these ‘healers’ are prevalent in certain communities, preying on people’s beliefs and superstitions and targeting those who may be ill or vulnerable.

“Our advice would be to never give money to them.”

Leicester City Council’s trading standards monitors leaflets and business cards that are circulated n the city, as well as adverts in some foreign language papers.


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