When buying your first house everyone has their own opinion on how you should approach it, here is a few things to bear in mind.

Dealing with Mortage Advisors  – Ask the questions you need to know and any concerns they are there to advise and help you.

Get an MIP (Mortage in Pricipal) – Once you know the mortage you need you can get a MIP from your advisor. This will help when you put an offer on a property.

Don’t panic  – When an estate agent books you in a group to view a property this could be seen as an attempt to make you panic and get you to make an offer, Always take your time go home talk about, even sleep on it.

Difference between leasehold and Freehold  – Leasehold is when you own the house but not the land and you have to pay ground rent and ask the owner for any extensions or driveways and Freehold means you own all.  

Both play the same role when it comes to a straightforward sale and speaking to a conveyancer or solicitors who specialises in property law will be able to help

Surveying the property – surveys will show if anything is wrong with the property and how much this will cost to fix

Any maintenance work– Book your builders in once you have the keys for any building work as completion dates could change and if you have booked a builder this could be a problem.



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