A Desi Groom determined to have an absolutely memorable entrance to his wedding in Canada entered on a Tractor. The entrance has become a viral hit online.

As everyone can come to expect with someone’s wedding, every single groom wants to create an unforgettable impression with their entrance. However, this Desi Groom from Canada chose to take things to the next level by coming on a Tractor.

This might seem surprising, but when a video was posted onto Instagram which displays an unknown groom who chose to omit the typical ideas of coming in a luxury vehicle.

However, he comes to his wedding in a tractor, with his wedding guests in a trailer behind him.

This video has become a viral hit, with 36,000 views and numerous people remarking online on the entertaining footage.

It has a caption labelled as “wedding goals”, you can’t help but believe that Desi Brides would not agree with.

In Canada, the video starts with the Tractor gradually beginning to emerge onto the scene. At the front are luxury cars, but the groom nevertheless favoured his unusual way of transportation. In the the background, Punjabi music was playing, some moved their heads to get a glimpse of the scene.

When the camera gets the complete site of the blue Tractor, where in which you can view the groom with his baraat and where he is sitting on the tractor or on top of the trailer behind the tractor.

Also, many guests reached the wedding by travelling in rickshaws.

Numerous guests waved flags and seemed to be in high spirits and ready for a celebration.

Despite the unconventional method to come to a wedding, all guests still had fun at the wedding.

Once, the footage became a hit virally, most people speculate what his Bride to be thought about her groom’s exceptional entrance. With weddings thought to be known as the Bride’s day, but this Desi groom unquestionably has stolen the attention.

Maybe this might create a brand-new style for weddings. Where in which, instead of the usual extravagant cars, the brides and grooms will choose unconventional methods of transportation.

In the end, this Canadian has unquestionably made a permanent impression on the internet.


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