After the recent surge in acid attacks in the UK, Doctors have issued important advice to acid attack witnesses in an attempt to control the problem. The Royal College Of Emergency Medicine, says that an intervention from bystanders could substantially improve the outcome of an acid attack.

The random attacks which many appear is a direct consequence of the recent terror attacks in England, has all been linked to recent robberies as well,2017 has seen the numbers of acid attacks increase.

To put things in perspective and reiterate the severity of these attacks, there have been over 400 attacks in the six months leading up to April. A most recent attack on Monday 1st August, saw a man get treated for minor injuries in hospital, he has since been discharged.

Johann Grundlingh, an emergency consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust, advised any who suffers an acid attack should use between 40-60 litres of water to give the victim the “best chance” of escaping the long term injury.

Acid attacks, which have been mainly taking place in East London has seen Deliveroo drivers to general members of the public being attacked by gangs or indivual people who throw acid. MP’s have called for tougher measures to deal with the rising numbers of attacks.

The call for new legislation has been lead by East Ham MP Stephen Timms. The issue of acid attacks is real, from police to government or even MP’s, the need to find a way to crack down on such attacks is very apparent.


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