Global Enterprise Development Services Limited have published the first ever book on South Asian contributions to the British economy. ‘The Anatomy of British South Asian Enterprise’ is written by Dr Christopher A. Johnson, an award winning publisher and business management consultant.

The book profiles the entrepreneurial lives of young men and women of Afghani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Pakistani and Sri Lankan backgrounds, and the businesses they have created and grown. The publication stretches back to the early 1800s, tracing South Asian businesses all the way up to the present day. It looks into the trials and tribulations the Asian entrepreneurs from the past 200 and more years faced, including the obstacles and breakthroughs they achieved.

The book sheds some much needed light on the entrepreneurial successes of ethnic groups in the UK, something that is rarely if ever touched upon whether in mainstream literature and business avenues or niche. Dr. Johnson writes with passion and flair, enthusing readers and inspiring the business minded. As well as serving as an entertaining and informative insight on ethnic businesses, the book works as a reference text for those studying International Business, Business Studies, Enterprise Development or Management.

At the book launch for Anatomy was keynote speakers Professor Monder Ram OBE, Director Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship and Mr Ali Arif, Founder and Chair of Hansib Publications.


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