Canadian Sikh Dance Troup Banish Winter Blues


This year’s British winter might be moderate, but it’s downright monstrous in other corners of world. Thankfully, for those slated by snow, there are a giddy group of Sikhs ready to brighten one’s day.

The Canadian dance troup, Maritime Bhangra Group, took to the snow streets to show off their dance moves and raise money for charity. Based in Halifax, MBG help shovel snow when the music kicks in and the shovels come off.

The group was established in order to raise awareness of Sikhs in Nova Scotia via Bhangra. The group have been posting their hilarious shenanigans to Facebook and Youtube in order to spread their message and have since earned over 1.5million views.

Fans were asked to donate to ALS NB & NS, a Canadian charity that supports those with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). They have previously asked the generous to donate to such causes as prostate cancer research and Khalsa Aid.

Hasmeet Singh, MBG’s co-founder, told The Huffington Post that many in Nova Scotia hadn’t met Sikhs before and that “We wanted to let people know where we come from, why we look different, why we have a turban on our heads. Let people know about our identity.”

Hasmeet and his brother first came to Canada in 2013 and set up MBG in 2016. Since then, they have performed at festivals, worked with charities and even put together education programmes for local schools.


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