A Bangladeshi teacher has been nominated for an international teaching prize. Shahanaj Parvin is included in the top 50 short list for the Best Global Teacher Prize, the biggest and hence most coveted award in the education world.

The award is worth $1 million and is therefore also the most valuable award as well. The award was set up to recognise and reward the outstanding teachers who are making strides in education and playing important roles in their community. This year’s award saw 20,000 nominations from 179 countries around the world.

As for Shahanaj Parvin, the esteemed teacher teaches at Upazilla Sadar Model Government Primary School in Bogra, Banglades. Upon learning of the good news, she tweeted:


Shahanaj was born in a small Bangladeshi village, the daughter of two primary school teachers. Currently, Bangladesh suffers a high rate of school drop outs; those forced to give up their education in order to work and support their family. However Shahanaj has managed to  reduce the drop out rate by introducing technology and multimedia applications to her schooling.

In addition, she regularly holds workshops for new teachers  and has published research as to why children might not achieve standard primary education.


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