Welcome to the Bamboo Zone!


Wow Zone, a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO company based in Birmingham has launched a new initiative designed to help SMEs and start-ups maximise their digital efficacy.

The Bamboo Zone is a public Facebook group that any small to medium business or grassroots business can join in order to gain free, digital marketing advice from the experts.

In addition, the group will include networking opportunities, seminars, workshops and conferences for businesses to increase their exposure, meet peers, learn new skills and take their businesses to the next level. Businesses of all kinds can join, whether food, media, travel orientated and more.

The power of digital has become a top priority for businesses, especially given the importance of social media, online marketing and the move from physical to digital media for customers and the general public.

More and more people are getting their information online, communicating online and buying online, meaning having a strong, digital presence is key for companies that wish to succeed. Furthermore, the web has opened up new avenues of direction for multiple business and changed the way they operate; whether it be using websites to house all their information and make it more accessible, using videos to engage with their customer base or using social media to network with other companies and partners.

The online world can have a transformative effect on brand awareness, reputation, reach and overall success, but the only way to grasp this power is to know how to use the tools at your disposal. Initiatives like the Bamboo Zone are designed to help businesses not only understand the power of digital but master it too.


Check out the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BambooZone/


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