French Police Strikes Continues for a Third Day


French police have maintained their strike for a third night, prompting fears all across France over a rise in crime and dangerous behaviour. French President Francois Holland is being accused of failing on security- particularly bad news for his government given they’re just months away from a presidential election.

The police are striking over insufficient means to defend themselves and have been staging unauthorised strikes for the past three days. It’s possible and underlying anxiety regarding the spate of French terror attacks could be a factor in the French police’s concerns.

Hundreds of officers gathered at the Place de la Republique, the Champs Elysees avenue, Bordeaux, Nancy and Toulose to protest. A member of Holland’s own party has put pressure on the President to get tougher on gangland crime.

A socialist member of the lower house of parliament, Malek Boutih, said:

“We need someone else with a strong personality to come forward, someone who can offer hope. It’s normal that these guys (police) are frightened. The thugs in question are not just delinquents, some of these people are people who help terrorists who assassinate French people and police.”

An opinion poll showed that 59% of respondents were in favour of Holland being replaced by Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Ex- President Nicholas Sarkozy said the courts were to blame for violent crime for their harsh treatment of criminals. He told Europe Radio 1 “I understand the anger of the police. I’ve never seen such an erosion of authority in this country.”





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