May on Migrants

UK Prime Minister to address Migrant issues at UN Summit


Prime Minister Theresa May is to address migration issues at New York’s UN Summit today. Such topics will include defining the term “refugee”, border control and where to claim asylum.

The UN claim that record scores of people have been displaced due to international conflict. By the end of 2015 it is estimated that 65.3 million people were asylum seekers, refugees or internally displaced.

The UN summit for refugees and migrants are seeking a “more humane and coordinated approach”. May has warned however that “unprecedented levels of population movement” risks lessening public confidence in the economic case for legal migration.

May also argued that refugees should seek asylum in the first country they arrive in because onward movement proves more dangerous and beneficial for criminal gangs. This approach would stop EU countries from allowing migrants to travel further from countries such as Italy, France and Greece through Europe to Britain.

The Prime Minister argued that resources should be focussed on “refugees in desperate need of protection”. The UK was “already playing its part” but would “step up our efforts” with more financial aid.

“But we cannot simply focus on treating the symptoms of this crisis, we need to address its root causes too.

“While we must continue our efforts to end conflict, stop persecution and the abuse of human rights, I believe we also need a new, more effective global approach to manage migration.”

May will also contribute to a summit on refugees hosted by United States President Barack Obama. In London’s Parliament Square campaigners have created a display using lifejackets as worn by migrants crossing the sea. Charities behind the display state said it would remind leaders of the risks families have to take when making such journeys and that solidarity should be held with refugees.


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