Paul Gascoigne Guilty of Insidious Racism

Former England Midfielder’s admits tasteless ‘joke’ was racism


Former England football player Paul Gascoigne has been charged with racially aggravated abuse and made to pay a £1000 fine and £1000 in compensation.

The former midfielder who retired back in 2005 made the racist comment last year in Wolverhampton during a segment of his show, An Evening with Gazza, saying he couldn’t tell if a black security guard stood in a dark part of the stage was smiling or not. He was then investigated by West Midlands Police after a complaint was lodged and granted unconditional bail.

Before the trial, Gascoigne took selfies with fans and signed autographs, even signing one person’s stomach. He had previously denied any racism, pleading not guilty to racial offences. However during the trial, Gascoigne quickly changed his stance right before a witness could be called for evidence. There was an expected four witness to be called to give evidence. Gascoigne plead guilty, admitting the use of “threatening or abusive words or behaviour.”

District Judge Graham Wilkinson said Gascoigne had admitted to “insidious racism” and that it was a “stain on his character.”


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