Turkey Wedding Blast Kills 51

14-year-old carries out most devastating attack on Turkey this year

Picture: EPA


A suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14 has killed at least 51 people and injured 69 more in an explosion in Gaziantep, Turkey, near the Syrian border.  The bride and groom was also injured.

The attack occurred during a wedding where a large proportion of the Kurdish community was gathered. A suicide vest was found at the scene but it is not yet clear whether the teenager detonated the bomb himself or whether it was remotely detonated.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expects IS is likely behind the attack. “As you know, [IS] is trying to position and organize itself in Gaziantep. Security operations have been conducted and are still being conducted against the terrorist organization.”

The Kurdish people have long been locked in battle with the Turkish government for independence, with the Kurdish military being key allies in America’s fight against IS. This is thought to be one reason why such a large gathering of Kurdish people was targeted.

Another reason is to target the refugees who have escaped from the Syrian conflict. Given it’s close proximity to the border, Gaziantep is a favourite for refugees escaping the danger.


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