Double Murderer Posing as Refugee Faces Extradition

Man convicted of double murder to fight extradition citing human rights


An Albanian man that was granted asylum into the UK back in the 90’s is facing extradition back to his home country after being convicted a double murder.

Atif Metra, 53, fled Albania a year after killing two brother. He has also been charged with possession of a firearm.

Metra entered the country by changing his name and posing as a Kosovan refugee. He has been living in Hertfordshire for the past eighteen years but was arrested by police after a tip off from the Daily Mail.

He urgently appealed against deportation, citing human rights grounds and that he has a right family life in the UK. According to his lawyer, Helen Dawson, Metra had “made a life here for the past 18 years” and had a “very close bond” with his children.

He told the extradition courts “There is no justice in Albania. There is only corruption.”

Metra has told the courts that he fled Albania after “a police friend told me ‘leave the country otherwise you are going to be killed- either it’ll be by the government or someone else.”

However it is alleged that Metra was estranged from his family and has limited contact with his children. District judge Margot Coleman said “As far as your family are concerned, you were convicted of assaulting [your wife] and subjected to a restraining order.”

Metra is currently being held in custody after being denied bail. The Home Secretary is to officially decide on the 19th August whether to extradite him or not.



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