Chinese Student Caught Smuggling Knife into Buckingham Palace

Mentally ill student sought to kill Queen with fold up knife


A Chinese student, Hang Zhang, has been arrested for trying to smuggle a fold -up knife in his shoe into Buckingham Palace.

It is alleged that Hang was trying to kill the Queen, who was not at home at the time.

The 25-year-old, studying at the University of Sheffield, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court. His charge of attempted murder of the queen was dropped when it was revealed Hang suffered from mental illness.

He has been accused of possessing an offensive weapon.

Hang is to be placed in a mental health facility until his next court appearance on 14th September.

Hang also suffered paranoia that Chinese government agents were tailing him.

There have been a total of four security breaches at the Palace in just three months. One man, drunk, climbed the fence and was caught ambling around the gardens after a full fifteen minutes.


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