Russian Diplomat Shoots Dead Rio Mugger

Russia denies involvement in fatal shooting of attempted armed robbery


Just after the passing of the Olympic torch relay, a diplomat has fatally shot an attempted mugger.

The diplomat, Marcos Cezar Feres Braga, reported to be a Brazillian Lawyer working as the Russian vice-consul, was said to have shot the mugger at point-blank range.

The armed mugger was on a motorbike with another man near the Olympic Park and athlete’s village. After the Olympic relay passed by on Avenida das Americas, Braga was sitting in traffic with his wife and child when the assailant smashed the window of the vice-consul’s BMW and pointed a gun at him.

The mugger was demanding his watch when Braga hauled the thief into his car. The other mugger fled the scene on motorbike.

A struggle ensued in the car, culminating with Braga grabbing the assailant’s gun and shooting him. The body then lay on the street for hours before police finally came to the scene.

Russia has officially denied any involvement, with Moscow’s Consul General in Rio saying “Brazilian media reports that a Russian diplomat was allegedly involved in an incident that led to the death of a Brazilian national during an armed attack is not true. All Russian diplomats and personnel of Russian foreign institutions located in Rio de Janerio are safe and sound and are of no relation to the aforesaid incident. The man who was involved in the incident could have presented himself as a general consulate employee.”

Crime is just one of the many afflictions to this year’s Olympics, with everyone from civilians to tourist to even Olympians being victim to crime and theft. Last week, it was reported an athlete was kidnapped and robbed. Just yesterday, a number of Olympian’s swimming kits were stolen leaving them with no gear for tomorrow’s games.


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