In or Out? You Decide

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the UK will vote in a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the EU or not.


On Thursday 23rd June 2016, the UK will vote in a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the EU or not.

The referendum question will be:

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Many people are undecided, due to the advantages and disadvantages for both Remain and Leave campaigns.

Politicians have spread their views far and wide, reaching the minds of the masses, however, we also need to consider the effects this referendum will have on the layman.

Members of our community have put their opinions forward on the EU referendum.

Aftab Chughtai (MBE), Chair WM Police Independent Advisory Group and Vice Chair of The Saltley Business Association said:

“The EU is declining and it lurches from crisis to crisis. On June 23rd we have the opportunity to take back control of our trade policy, our borders and our law making. We can step off the EU bus and still have good relations with our European partners but also build better relationships with thriving countries across the world. The rise of far-right extremism across the European Union is a big concern.

“The EU doesn’t have our best interests at heart. In the last few weeks, the ECJ ruled it ok to ban the hijab in the workplace as long as you ban other religious symbols like the turban too. The Slovakian PM has said he doesn’t want Muslims to settle in his country and Slovakia is going to take over the Presidency of the EU on July 1st 2016 setting the agenda for the whole European Union. Our immigration system is unfair because we have to make space for those within the EU who can walk into the country because of the colour of their passport and the EU stops us from making free trade deals with the countries we want.

“Vote leave on June 23rd and take back control of our laws, our trade policy and our borders and stop far-right extremists from influencing our laws and our country.”

Renowned photographer, Jas Sansi said:

“There is an almost universal opinion from Economists that leaving the European Union (EU) will hit our purses and wallets.

“I’ve always been a Remainer. The thought of an isolated UK having no decision making powers in Europe fills me with dread. The question of immigration will not be addressed by leaving the EU, we will have to accept free movement of people if we want to trade with our biggest trading partners.

“If we leave the EU, we will ignite a recession. Why flirt with the notion of canceling a membership that has seen us become the fifth biggest economy in the world?

“Our key economic strength is our position as a gateway into Europe. Let’s not surrender that position.”

After rejecting the idea that Britain has minimal influence in Europe, Gordon Brown said:

“Britain has always led the way when things have been difficult in the EU and I think it’s time we were a leader again.

“The Labour voters that I talk to don’t like the status quo, they don’t like where we are at the moment, they want to see things change.

“They want to know that they are going to be better off, and that’s the message I can put.”

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have challenged the Prime Minister to a face-to-face debate and said:

“The real risk for Britain in this referendum is voting to remain in the EU with a broken single currency and a rogue European Court. The safer choice is voting to leave, so we can take back control of our money, borders, security, trade and taxes.

“If we needed a reminder of just how risky it is to remain in the EU, the European Court has today issued extraordinary judgments that undermine our ability to deal effectively with asylum.

“We think that the public deserve the chance to hear these issues debated face-to-face between the Prime Minister and a spokesman for Vote Leave so they can judge for themselves which is the safer choice on 23 June. The Prime Minister was absolutely right to hold this vote and allow Ministers the chance to disagree with him. We hope that in the same spirit he will accept this invitation.”

Lots of opinions are floating however facts remain blurred.

Its human nature for people to vote with what they assume will benefit their position, whether working class or business owner.

Whichever way the vote goes, change is inevitable and we will have to deal with it accordingly.

Ultimately, the nation determines the future of the country.

Your vote can make a difference.


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