Hip-Hop Hijabi’s

A group of hijabi’s have formed a hip-hop dance group to defeat Islamophobia.


A hip-hope dance group called “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” has spread across media recently. A group of Muslim women have decided to form a trio in response to France’s banning of the hijab which has caused a huge stir amongst Muslims.

Amirah Sackett, the Founding member of the group combined forces with two like-minded women to show the world the reality behind hijab.

A facet of practicing Muslims that is often criticized are the niqabs and hijabs which are veils and cloths that are worn primarily by women which cover their heads, bodies, and faces.

These items of clothing are symbols of modesty and respect which are worn in the presence of men outside of their immediate families and those who are non-Muslim.

A mainstream stereotype of Muslim women is that they are subservient to men, adhering to patriarchal ideals. Many view these veils and cloths as a contribution to this stereotype.

Although those who choose to wear these veils are allowed to do so, doing so brings a whole tornado of fears due to sneer remarks and derogatory looks in the wider society.

These women have brought forward new ideas of hijab that go against many stereotypes, instead they are creating new stereotypes.

Many have found that watching the females poplock and embrace other styles of Hip-Hop choreography is captivating, not just because they’re doing it fully covered in their niqabs but also because they’re “dope.”

These women are challenging mainstream views about Muslims, in a time where Islamophobia is spreading like wildfire across the world. By using the same medium that fuels this fire, the media, they have directly addressed these ideas.

Muslim communities are facing discrimination and much worse, having to change themselves due to perceptions in society.

A prime example of this is Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential Candidate in the United States, who has declared his views on banning Muslims from entering the country due to these predominant views.

Stereotypes follow Muslims worldwide, some of which are becoming more dominant in light of recent events, such as terrorism.

Whilst some Muslims exhibit complex portrayals of their faith, others are faced with a much more grueling reality.

London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan has become the first Muslim mayor of a major Western capital, whilst other places such as the Middle East and parts of Asia are afflicted by war and political exile.


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