Cow-walk in India

An exclusive beauty pageant was organised in Rotak, a town in Haryana to promote domestic cattle breeds.


Hundreds of cows and bulls sauntered the ramp in Rotak, a North Indian town on Saturday 7th May 2016.

The concept was generated to raise understanding about animal health and to endorse domestic cattle breeds.

Farmers led their animals across the length of the ramp, the panel of judges watching their performance. The beasts were judged for their size, general looks, and length of their horns. For the cows, there was an additional rating, towards their milk-yielding capacities.

On the ramp, the beasts flounced their beauty showing the judges and onlookers that even beasts can possess beauty.

One of the farmers with his beautiful cow.


The judges selected 18 handsome and healthy winners from the 630 animals that took part in the competition. The winners carried home prizes and a winner’s sash that they wore loud and proud.

A farmer from Dwarka, a nearby village, Randhir Singh whose cow won first place its category said, “I have brought my best cow for the show and she has won a prize. I wanted my cow to win and she has done me proud.”


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