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A Day In The Life Of The British Asian Fashion Blogger

Branding, PR & Digital Consultant by day and a British Asian fashion blogger, Sara Khan specialises in writing and marketing elegant Pakistani and Indian clothing and lifestyle in London for her fabulous online fashion magazine. When not in the office helping British and South Asian brands you can find her at fashion events or social lifestyle gatherings connecting with inspiring advocates.

Today the blog has evolved into Britain’s 1st & only South Asian fashion & lifestyle blog magazine. Readers get the latest fashion news first, he low-down on secret fashion events, backstage exclusives, designer interviews and fashion trends live straight off the runway. 

Sara K Blog has been an official Partner for events such as Pakistan Fashion Week, The Urban Muslim Woman Show to British Asian Fashion Week, and even featured in Hello Magazine, BBC and Vogue.


What would you like your readers to know about you?

Everyone wants to know about the blogger lifestyle but we rarely get a true insight into the secret life of a blogger, until now.

Most may wonder how do you even become a blogger; well anyone can be a blogger yet the only difference between bloggers and people who aren’t bloggers is we find ways to make our dreams a reality.

In my case in the end, of 2013 l realised l wanted more to life than a job after l graduating in Advertising and Marketing. Don’t get me wrong I loved my marketing job but like most l couldn’t stay away from my dream of starting a fashion and lifestyle magazine.

What makes my blog different is that l offer Indian and Pakistani fashion with a touch of British lifestyle of the modern Asian women in Britain. And l gave small fashion business with little marketing budget a platform to advertise their products to a wider audience.

Today it’s evolved into the UK’s first South Asian fashion and lifestyle’s blog magazine with exclusive fashion events, fashion designer interviews and the first to offer India and Pakistan Fashion Week and beauty trends straight off the runway as they happen.


How did you get to where you are?

The secret to my success was not only blogging but in life is five top tips – hard work, patience, determination, be innovative whilst always helping others.

What many people don’t see is behind the scenes, most days’ l work 12 hours a day with limited time with friends or family. And working extremely hard was critical.

Even though there was other blogs launching, people would say fashion was a congested industry l was always determined to make it a reality. I believed in my blog and myself l just didn’t give up easily or let people bring me down.

I always think outside of the box and love to do things differently to other bloggers. By being innovative with a modern, professional and mobile friendly website, l know it would make me stand out from the crowd.

I knew blogging wouldn’t make me rich, l just wanted to put my marketing and business knowledge to use and build a brand that would empower women through fashion. And success didn’t happen overnight; it took time and a lot of patience.

Helping others is the key to success! I was brought up to be selfless, care about others, be honest and l found these traits got me very far in life. Plus little did l know it was the best way to build long-term friendships that would change my life for the better. I’ve made true friends who make me happy and no amount of money do the same.

For me it’s never been about making money, gaining thousands of followers or being Insta famous. I honestly believe being honest, building friendships and caring for my fans who want to see the British Asian fashion industry improve has pushed me. In addition, my friends and family who supported me, mixed with my sheer determination has got me where l am today.


What motivates and inspires you?

It may sound strange but my family has been a big influence in my life. We didn’t always have the finer things in life and my Dad taught me if l ever wanted anything in life, don’t rely on others, work hard and get it yourself. His words are instilled in my mind and always motivate me to be a better person, whilst l work towards to goals in life.

Furthermore, thanks to blogging I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people – hearing their inspirational stories inspires me. Not forgetting to mention connecting with my followers, blog readers and businesses that connect with me genuinely motivates me to make a change in business, fashion, and marketing world. Whilst most people may complain, l want to actually do something to make life better for others, even if it’s brightening someone’s day. I also want to show the next generation it doesn’t matter about your background, education or bank balance you can do anything you put your mind to.


What’s your general routine with blogging life?

The life of an entrepreneurial blogger involves long hours – no one-day is the same and l love it. I usually wake up early depending on my schedule for the day, respond to emails and social media messages.

After having breakfast and getting ready (after 30 minutes of deciding what to wear) l grab my laptop and get ready to go with my ‘big business bag’ (fits everything). If it’s a long day, which most are, l don’t bother driving and take the train (gives me time to think and work on the train). At the station l grab a coffee to stop me from feeling tired (l do love a warm hug in a mug).

Usually, I’m attending a fashion event, radio interview, organising blogger meets, client meeting, mentoring students or meeting up with business friends for dinner. Any free time l get you’ll find me in a coffee shop working away to get my to-do list up to date with blog and client work.


What have been your most exciting experiences?

The highlights of my two years of blogging has to be partnering fashion weeks, attending exclusive press events, interviewing well-known designers, writing for global fashion publications, reporting for the BBC, attending London Fashion Week and covering backstage exclusives for all my fans (and meeting Zack Knight of course). Although out of it all, connecting with fans and meeting amazing women and publications such as, The Asian Today has been the ultimate highlight. 


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