Local actor screens new movie at Cannes Film Festival


Nitin Parasher becomes actor by summer and restaurant manager by winter.

Nitin is no stranger to the film scene, from featuring in British feature films such as Nice To Meet You and the Conversations. His current come back film, The Forbidden Note was premiered the Marche du FilmFestival in Cannes on the 20th May 2015. The film is said to be a journey through love and romance. Cosmo, a South African pianist who falls in love with Sakeena, a British Muslim ballerina,who is being forced into an arranged marriage by her abusive radicalised Uncle, played by Nitin. Through their struggle, Cosmo tries to show that the power of love, is

far more important than the love for power. “ The Cannes film festival was such a surreal experience, and a great opportunity for me to be apart of. There was a good turn out and it was the perfect chance to promote the film.” Nitin Parasher For all film lovers this is one not to be missed.


The Forbidden Note is to be shown in London on September 2015 and Birmingham dates are to be released.


Tell me about the Forbidden Note

It’s based on a controversial love story between a British Muslim girl Sakeena and South African guy Cosmo. Sakeena wants to become a ballerina but is forced into a arranged marriage by her uncle. Cosmo wants to show Sakeena the power of love and they both in love with each other. Which is seen to be a controversial religious topic, looking at how Muslim women are meant to marry into the same religion and not have mixed marriages.


What’s your role in the movie?

My role in the movie is to play an arrogant, flashy guy called Qabos. Who enjoys the finer things in life.


What was it like having your movie screened at Cannes?

It was fantastic, having the film screened in Cannes. There was a lot of positive response from people and a good turn out. The film should be released soon with only last minute editing touches to be completed.!


Did you meet any A-listers?

I was very nervous about the whole event but I did get the chance to meet Bollywood director Sudhir Mishra, exchanging in a hi. The majority of the time I was busy promoting the film.


You’re a restaurant manager when not acting – how did you get into acting?

I always wanted to be a actor and after studying in Delhi, I then came to England to develop my acting career at the Birmingham School of Acting in 2009 and then The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. I believe that one of the main parts of being a actor is to learn how to survive and establish yourself in the media. Being a restaurant manager is also a passion of mine, meeting new people and

communicating with them has helped develop my skills. But it is also important to have a back up plan, as you need to be able to choose the right roles to play. Looking at what you should or shouldn’t do.


Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration in Hollywood would be actors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. In Bollywood it would be Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, I look up to them as inspirational actors, whilst watching their films.


What does the future hold for you?

I was working on a film last year which will be coming out in Southern Indian in the next few months, that I also helped co-produce. I’m going to be working on another film in London starting in August, but I can’t

disclose what that is just yet. So far that is what I’ve got planned and hopefully it will all work out.


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