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Internet Craze Over Recipe Page

Halima Saleem is an average mother. Staying at home, one day she decided to create a Facebook page and publishing food recipes – she spoke to The Asian Today about how things took a turn for the best since then.

Tell me about yourself
I grew up in Slough but now live in Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales. I am forever cooking because I love it, it’s my real passion. I love cooking for others, whether it’s creamy scrambled eggs for breakfast or haleem and biryani for large gatherings. I especially love the traditional authentic recipes of Pakistan. Dishes that have become extra popular are my ‘tikka cheese boti’, ‘glorious green chicken’, ‘halwa poori’, ‘Baltistani gosht’.

Tell me about Curry on Halima
I started a Facebook page, called Curry on Halima, at end of December 2014 and within six hours of the page going live, I had over 2000 followers! I wanted a name that would be recognised by everyone, not just Asians, so I took the idea from the classic Carry On films. My food albums are titled as Curry On With The Veg, Curry On With Rice, etc

What made you set up your recipes on Facebook?
I initially started posting recipes on the Muslim Mamas foodie group; they became really popular with other members, who kept pushing me to set up a page, so I finally caved in. I like to share what I know and have learnt with others and I also want to keep traditions alive by passing on these amazing recipes.

The page has just gone from strength to strength. I was asked to join the team of celebrity chefs at this year’s Halal Food Festival to do live cooking demos and teach in the cookery school, unfortunate the event got postponed.

What kind of recipes do you offer?
The majority of my recipes are of Pakistani origin, a variety of biryanis, karahi dishes, lots of different types of kebabs. I have many recipes in my repertoire that I picked up during holidays to Pakistan. Simple dishes that are served in the roadside dhaabas, desified, Chinese dishes served in restaurants and simple rustic food I ate in the mountainous regions of Baltistan, Kohistan and Gilgit.

How can people get their recipe requests to you?
Recipe requests can be sent through the Facebook page – Curry On Halima or email –


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