The Tale of Two Brothers in a Gripping New Play

National Theatre, London presents a story of family, treachery and ambition in a lavish new production, Dara.

1659. Mughal India. The imperial court, a place of opulence and excess; music, drugs, eunuchs and harems. Two brothers, whose mother’s death inspired the Taj Mahal, are heirs to this Muslim empire. Now they fight ferociously for succession.

Dara, the crown prince, has the love of the people – and of his emperor father – but younger brother Aurangzeb holds a different vision for India’s future. Islam inspires poetry in Dara, puritanical rigour in Aurangzeb. Can Jahanara, their beloved sister, assuage Aurangzeb’s resolve to seize the Peacock Throne and purge the empire?

Tanya Ronder’s adaptation of Shahid Nadeem’s Dara spans the princes’ lives from cradle to grave. An intense domestic drama of global consequence – for India then and for our world now.

‘A magnificently ambitious project, beautifully acted, and visually sumptuous, that throws both light and darkness on a crucial moment in world history.’
Time Out

‘Visually ravishing. Nadia Fall’s beautiful, silken production balances clarity and fluency.’
Financial Times

‘Beautiful. Zubin Varla captures perfectly the anguished idealism of Dara.’

‘Plush costumes, movement and live Indian music are an utter delight; an elegant evocation of period and mood.’

For more information visit www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/dara


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