Rodent Takeaway Closed Twice


Rat infested takeaway closed for second time due to health risks

Roti Junction, in Caldmore Road, Walsall has been closed for a second time by Environmental health officers due to health risks. Rat and mouse droppings were found, kitchen utensils and work surfaces were said to be dirty and building work was being done near where food was being prepared and stored.

Councillor Khizar Hussain, portfolio holder for community, leisure and culture, said, “It is concerning to hear that this is the second time in seven months environmental health officers have had to take action against this business.”

“Once again I cannot stress enough that the safety of the public is paramount and my officers will take prompt action against any business which we believe poses a health risk.”

The takeaway was first closed in April after rodent droppings were found even then, causing a temporary closure. After pest control was called in a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order was issued by magistrates meaning the premises had to be closed until it was rid of rodents.

Prosecutor for the hearing Mrs Kerry Munro said, “It is an application for a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.

“It relates to a food business known as Roti Junction. These are premises at the rear of 116 Caldmore Road in Walsall.

“There are active infestations of both rats and mice throughout the food preparation and storage areas.”

Environmental health officer Elizabeth Lee said, “We have to protect public health and safety when we look at restaurants.” Speaking about the inspection carried out at Roti Junction she told magistrates, “We saw rat droppings and mouse droppings throughout the premises which indicated to us there was a current infestation.”

Owners of Roti Junction could not be reached for a comment


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