Asiana Bridal Show 2014


£3 billion Asian wedding industry to be celebrated at major event!

The British Asian wedding industry is the second most successful area of entrepreneurship among South Asians living in the UK after the restaurant and catering business. New research by Asiana Wedding Magazine which this year celebrated its 10th anniversary as the UK’s biggest Asian Wedding Magazine shows that the average Asian couple in the UK spends upwards of £50,000 on a wedding with lowest figures being around the £25,000 mark (well above the average price of a British wedding which is currently £21,000) and the highest being a million pounds.

Major aspects of the industry include catering, fashion and beauty and there are now over 50,000 companies which operate within this field. Ashok Dhawan Managing Director of I and I Media who publish Asiana Wedding Magazine explains why this is the case, ‘For most British Asians, weddings form a major part of their social engagements. It’s not uncommon to be invited to weddings on a monthly basis, some of these functions can last for several days and be attended by over 1000 guests. Even the most contemporary of British couples still turn to the traditions of Asian weddings when they tie the knot which is why our magazine provides such an important tool for wedding planning.’

The Asiana Bridal Show has been run by the company in London for over 12 years but this year sees a Birmingham show take place at The Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, the Country Ground, West Midlands; the heart of the British Asian community.

As well as a chance for visitors to meet the country’s most elite wedding service providers, 14 of the UK’s most influential Asian fashion designers will unveil their 2015 collections including the biggest names in the Asian fashion industry including local West Midlands based designers Sati Takhar, Ahsan’s and Khushboo’s By Chand. Catwalk shows take place at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. Creative Director of the catwalk Anisha Vasani explains why the show is such an important event, ‘The West Midlands is a huge market for the British Asian Fashion and Bridal industries. Until now visitors have travelled to London to experience our event; but this year we’ve taken it to them!’

The event takes place on November 30th and is organised by Asiana Wedding Magazine, the biggest Asian fashion magazine in the UK. The Bridal Catwalk is in association with Nina Ubhi Beauty & Hair Institute who will be providing the hair and make-up.14 designers will showcase their new collections at the event including several from the West Midlands.

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