Sex Abuse Surgeon Jailed


16 Years Jail-Time For Disgraced Surge

A Birmingham surgeon found guilty of misusing his medical position during examinations to sexually abuse six women has been jailed for 16 years.

Judge Patrick Thomas QC told Nafees Hamid, who abused patients at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth and Priory Hospitals: “You are the most intelligent man I have seen in the dock of a criminal court.

“You are brought low by a simple failing, lust.

“You liked doing what you did, touching sexually your female patients and you took the opportunity to do it because you could.”

Hamid, who protested his innocence throughout the trial and claimed his examinations, albeit intimate, were medically justified, was charged after an independent medical opinion was sought concerning his actions during the medical examinations.

It was concluded that his actions constituted as sexual assaults and were not medically sound practices.

“This is the most extreme breach of trust,” Judge Patrick Thomas QC told Hamid.

“These ladies went to you because they had significant problems and they thought with your skills and abilities and experience you were the person who could help them with their medical problems.

“Instead you grossly abused them.”

Detective Inspector Ian Ingram, of West Midlands Police, said of the victims involved in the incidents: “Often they did tell family members about what took place and they were clearly upset by what took place, but they never came forward to police to explain what happened.

“And I think that’s the power that this doctor had over them. He was in that position of trust. They doubted whether they would be believed, doubted whether it was medically justified what he had done.”

Referring to the neurosurgeon’s victims, Judge Patrick Thomas QC said, “In every case the harm has been extreme, severe and potentially life changing.”

The consultant neurosurgeon, of Russell Road, Moseley, was put on the sex offenders register for life, having been found guilty of nine charges of serious sexual assault.


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