Volunteers Raise £1500 for Charity


Fundraiser Organised By Punjabi Community of Northampton

Local fundraising group held a charity event on Saturday 15 November 2014 at Duston Community Centre, Pendle Road where £1500 was donated to charity.

MP Brian Binley presented cheques to Sikh Union, The Sharan Project, ROKO Cancer, Unique Home and Sikh Union on behalf of Northampton Punjabi Association.

Over the past year the NPA, founded by local businessman Pummie Matharu and his daughter Amrit Matharu in 2013 have been working hard with their team of volunteers to bring the community together in aid of supporting charity.

The event raised money to support four charities from international and national backgrounds. NPA work very closely with Sikh Union Coventry who currently run an eye camp in India, water pump in Africa and have two orphanage projects in Delhi and Agra. Funds were also donated to another orphanage, Unique Home for Girls in the Punjab who rescue unwanted baby girls, The Sharan Project supporting troubled women in the UK and a worldwide cancer campaign for ROKO Cancer.

The community group formed together by friends and family began as a social gathering with the intent to encourage others to join in with the fun of fundraising.

“As a society we always want the better things in life. This is something we all do and our fundraising events are a way of letting us take a moment from our comfortable lifestyles to appreciate everything we have. And at the same time be able to do something to give back to those less fortunate,” commented Amrit Matharu.

In March 2015 the NPA will be visiting India to carry out their charity mission. Trips to orphanages throughout India will be made, medicine for cancer patients and eye care will be taking place in Punjab in association with Sikh Union Coventry.

“It was a fantastic evening and wonderful to see so many faces of the community coming together to give to charity,” spoke Brian Binley, MP of Northamptonshire.


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