Nafees Hamid investigation alarm


Neurosurgeon accused of sexual assault feels police ‘over-reacted’ to complaints

Birmingham Neruosurgeon, Nafees Hamid, claims authorities “over-reacted” to allegations made against him as they feared another scandal as large as the Harold Shipman case.

The surgeon, from of Russell Road, Moseley, who worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and The Priory at Edgbaston, is on trial over six counts of sexual assault and eight others of serious sexual offences against 10 women.

Appearing at Birmingham Crown Court the defendant claimed police charged him before fully investigating the accusations made against him by patients.

When asked if he felt the patients had conspired together to accuse him of sexual assault he said it was unlikely. Though he added,

“I feel the hospital and police overreacted, they felt they had found another Shipman.

“I think the initial decision to charge me with ten counts without looking at medical notes or medical evidence or hearing my side of the story, without doing any homework, was a hasty decision.

“Now they have charged me and they have to prove afterwards what they should have done homework on.

“I still feel sorry for many of these patients because they are being used by the trust and the police.”

The 50-year-old has denied all allegations stating his examinations were within medical guidelines and in not inappropriate.

The surgeon also expressed shock over patients who were friendly with him but then made complaints, he recounts one such patient,

“I treated her as a friend, someone who needed care and help.

“She saw me several times and could have asked me any question, so when I saw her name come up (on the list of complainants), I was really really shocked.

“I almost thought if this is the way it is in this world, there are hardly any human values.”

He shook his head as he recalled chocolates and a greeting card she sent which said “your care and kindness are much appreciated.”

The case continues.


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