Nurun: I Should Have Stayed


Asian Spice Queen is Fired

Radio Times: Task three, Nurun Ahmed has become the fifth casualty of the boardroom as Lord Sugar continues in his quest to fire more than one candidate at a time. But Nurun was pretty certain when walking into the boardroom that she was safe.


“I absolutely went in thinking, ‘I definitely know I’m not going to be fired’,” Nurun tells RadioTimes. In fact, Nurun was sure she knew who the blame would be placed on.


“I thought if Roisin is going to take anyone in, it will be Lindsay and James.” But Lord Sugar put a stop to that, with a little help from Lindsay, who had no objections to being fired.


“When Lindsay was fired, all of us had this look on our face, ‘Who is Roisin going to take in?’”


“I really think she should have taken someone in from the trade side of things,” Nurun adds noting that promises were made to The Goring hotel that weren’t fulfilled.


“With the decisions made by the PM Rosin, the key flaws were the wrong pricing, at the wrong place and some were the wrong people. Roisin sent the wrong people to sell. I consider myself to be a good salesperson, but I don’t think Lindsay has a selling set of skills, and it was priced too high for the market. In that respect, definitely the flaws lie with Roisin. She should have gone on that day unfortunately.” Admittedly, Nurun and the rest of Team Summit had pretty much sat back, confident they’d brought home the victory.


“It teaches us a lesson of not being complacent. It is what it is.”


Nurun herself often came under fire for not using her ‘market expertise’ to which she laughs, “I’m a full time marketing officer, but I manage and oversee a unit at the market. It’s not really street selling. It’s a fixed unit, so I’m not on the street saying, you know, ‘Come and buy this scarf for a pound’”. Now that’s she’s no longer in the running, Nurun dishes on who she thinks can make the final.

“I think in my eyes Mark, Daniel, Roisin and Bianca definitely have this sort of aggressive leadership in them. Similar to what Lord Sugar has and is looking for. These are the people who stand a chance.”


Would she ever give the show another go? I don’t think I’d ever jump at the chance again. It is very intense, rigid and ruthless at times, I’ve had the most invaluable experience but I don’t think I’d jump at the chance again to go through the process.


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