Leading Lady of the Oscars


The Asian Today’s Anita Chumber Named Woman of the Year

On an unforgettable Thursday evening, Birmingham’s unsung heroes gathered to celebrate achievements, accomplishments and recognition of selfless dedication. Amongst the winners of the 3rd annual Heart of Birmingham Oscar Awards was the Editor of The Asian Today, Anita Chumber.


Picking up the Woman of the Year award, she described it as ‘surprising’ and ‘unexpected.’ “I am so overwhelmed and winning the award feels surreal. This is the result of all the hard work of the team at The Asian Today. We have put a lot of effort in pushing The Asian Today at the forefront of issues affecting our community.”      


Due to our continued determination and contribution, the paper has also been nominated for the Asian Media Awards again, having won the inaugural award last year. Along with this we have been nominated for a Bhangra Award in the category of Best Publication and an Institute of Asian Business Award in the category of Outstanding Community Service. We have been able to establish a foundation where the emphasis is always to better the community we live in. Our vision, imagination and ideas have propelled the publication into becoming media partners for high profile campaigns.


Instrumental in ensuring that the organisation engaged with both individuals and businesses Anita has been able to deliver the invaluable mission statement of The Asian Today – to promote education, diversity and integration within the community and voicing their concerns. With the addition of several new team members the paper has been able to cover new ground and push the limits of investigative journalism without the fear of cultural sensitivity.



The Asian Today has been proudly serving the West Midlands community for over 12 years as one of the leading British Asian newspapers. As the Midlands premier English language Asian read, ‘The Asian Today’ filled a much-needed gap in the publications marketplace. ‘The Asian Today’ was created to inform, educate and enlighten the British South-Asian population offering local, national and international news, and offering a platform for the community to voice their views and concerns. 


The Asian Today’ has led the way with exclusive news stories which have been echoed by mainstream local and national press and continues to bring the most diverse, innovative and representative news stories and features to readers. This ensures a generous combination of content to reflect the lifestyle, culture, identity and faith of the wider Asian community. The Asian Today aims to promote a new dimension to the British Asian community by exploring subjects and topics affecting second and third generation Asians whilst maintaining content of interest for elder members of the community. Features, interviews and competitions are all provided to adhere to the needs of all readers. 

Outstanding, neutral and unbiased reporting the aim for The Asian Today is always to educate and inform the community.


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