Hammer Attack Brothers Refused Appeal


Charged with Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent


Two brothers jailed for attacking a man with a claw hammer have been refused a request to reduce their 12 year long sentences. 22-year-old Ajay and 23-year-old Ravinder Singh attacked Gurvinder Dari over an unpaid debt. The brothers appealed their sentences in front of Lord Justice Treacy, Mr Justice Turner and Judge Michael Pert QC, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.


The siblings from Harborne were charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent at Birmingham Crown Court. Both men, also convicted car thieves, were sentenced to 12 years separately.


The brothers were friends with the then 18-year-old victim previously, before the relationship became strained after they claimed he owed them money. They travelled down Lodge Road in a Range Rover towards the Devonshire Arms pub where Dari was.


Ravinder and Ajay brutally attacked Dari with hammers causing severe damage including skull fractures and bleeding in the brain. They disguised themselves with black hats and gloves before retreating, the injured man survived the attack and was driven home by a friend.


Lawyers for the pair argued Dari’s injuries were not that serious and the jail terms were too long for the criminals considering their age.


But Lord Justice Treacy, dismissing the appeal, said: “This was a sustained assault, and on no view could these injures be regarded as superficial.


“The victim suffered serious injuries and unpleasant after effects.


“It was an attack by two men on one person and both offenders had previous convictions for violence.


“We do not consider that terms of 12 years were manifestly excessive.”


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