By Kiran Singh

Diwali – the festival of lights, celebration of happiness and homecoming of the Goddess Lakshmi – begins with decorating and beautifying your surroundings, especially your home. But if you have been too busy to renovate your place, don’t fret! It should not burn a hole in your pocket to decorate your home. Just dig in your closet and you’ll find plenty of things to add that extra zing to festivities. We have come up with some quick and easy ideas to make your home Diwali-ready in no time.


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As mentioned, there are many ways to get your home ready for Diwali. One of the main essences of Diwali celebration is to commemorate the triumph of light against darkness. In fact, there are so many diwali wishes and messages that feature greetings that wish loved ones and family to have a bright light that will guide the right path in life. Therefore, more of these decorating ideas will tackle about how to make your home illuminate with bright light, not just from Diya, but through other decorative items. Learn about


·         Decorating with Diyas

·         Rangoli Designs and Patterns

·         Lanterns and Lights

·         Decorating with Flowers

·         Decorative Candles

·         Puja Thalis

·         Wall Hangings

·         Centerpieces


Decorating With Diyas


Diya is known as one of the most important part of the Diwali celebration. According to the legend, people in Ayodhyaa light up their land with small earthen oil lamp to welcome Lord Rama from rescuing his wife Sita, from the custody of Ravana. These days, lighting diyas has been part of the tradition which symbolizes the defeat of darkness over light. With its significance, decorating with this small decorative item will surely not be overlooked.


Traditionally, diyas come as brown-coloured clay lamp that uses cotton wick and ghee or oil to illuminate homes in Diwali. But over time, diyas have transformed from traditional into something that can be considered as an artwork. Today, there are different kinds of diyas being made and sold in the market. They are available in different colours, styles and sizes. Here are some of the most beautiful decorating ideas for Diwali using diya.



Rangoli Designs and Patterns


Aside from Diya, another important element of diwali that you shouldn’t miss in decorating your home is Rangoli. Rangoli is one of the most intricate artworks that feature different themes and designs. Artists and designers use coloured powder and other ornaments in making rangoli. From simple to the most intricate patterns, Rangoli designs come in different colours, themes, and sizes.


Today, many Hindu communities hold annual rangoli making competitions wherein you will be able to see best of the best’s designs of Rangoli. During Diwali festival, you can see every home with rangoli in their entrance doors or porches. It is believed that the Goddess of Beauty and Wealth visit their home on Diwali. They decorate their entryway with rangoli as a gesture of welcoming the Goddess.


Lanterns and Lights


Add up more lights to your home using lanterns and lamp shades. Be creative. Instead of using standard outdoor lights, you can add some personal touch to it. If you know how to create your own lantern, it can be a great source of light in Diwali. Use different colours of shades to make the lantern look elegant and beautiful.


Outdoor lamp shades can also be used to illuminate your home from the outside. There are so many different types of outdoor lamp shades that you can buy in the market. It is better to look for items that are in sale. Or, you can buy simple ones and you can just improve it at home by adding ornaments and additional decorations.


Decorative Candles


The source of light in Diwali is not just limited to diya or lanterns. Today, many people are using decorative candles in decorating their front porches and centertables. They are also commonly used for floor decorations. They also use candles in making the rangoli more captivating and beautiful.


Most of the decorative candles come with holders of different materials. Some of them are made of brass and clay. In decorating with candles, you can use different colours and sizes. You can also put it in a bowl with water or add to your rangoli designs. A platter filled with flowers of different colours can be more beautiful with candles on it.


Decorating with Flowers


Flowers are one of the integral and most commonly used decorations in any festival of India. Be it for regional festival or national holiday, you will expect every household to use flowers to beautify and spruce up their homes.


Why not? Who wouldn’t be relaxed and happy when you enter a house filled with the smell of fresh flowers? Who wouldn’t be delighted in seeing flowers of different colours? Nah! That’s why Hindu people use flowers as decor.




More Diwali Decorating Ideas


Other decorations that you can use in making your home a beautiful haven on diwali are garlands, wall hangings, thorans, and thalis. To make a beautiful setting, you can combine above ideas into one.


·         A good centrepiece decorative item can be improved by adding flowers and candles on them.

·         A platter filled with flowers can be more mesmerizing with diyas on them.

·         Instead of using lanterns alone for outdoor décor, you can add some garlands and wall hanging as well.

·         Diyas are often used outdoor but you can also put it inside and use them to light up one corner of the house, together with   

          your rangoli.

·         DIY Diwali decorations are also a good idea. Here are some simple diy’s that you can consider.


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