Bordesley Green Husband Stabs Wife


Haroon Ashraf Jailed for 5 Years

A man has been convicted for stabbing his pregnant wife following a violent row. Haroon Ashraf stabbed his wife Neelam in their home in Bordesley Green after she hid his stash of cannabis from him.


It was revealed that a separate assault occurred days before where he sprayed his wife’s face with aftershave, throttled her and pulled her hair.


Neelam reportedly hid Ashraf’s drugs in the kitchen cupboard so their son would not find them. He assaulted her when she refused to reveal the whereabouts of the drugs, a few days later when she still failed to tell him, Ashraf attacked her with a Stanley knife.


Neelam fled their home and contacted police via her neighbour’s telephone, Ashraf was arrested shortly afterwards.


His Honour Judge Murray Creed called the 24-year-old defendant a “selfish man” who was more concerned with his drugs than his family.


“Your wife, having heard her give evidence, acted in a compassionate and commendable way as far as you are concerned.

“She did not want you taking drugs in her presence or the presence of your son.


“You lost self control and lunged at her, she put her arm up to protect herself from the knife.

“You would have hit her in the face if she had not put her arm up.”


During the trial Neelam confessed she didn’t think her husband was capable of carrying out such an attack. His defence team argued that Ashraf was incredibly remorseful after the attack and tried to treat his wife’s wounds. It was even claimed the defendant had not taken cannabis since the incident.


The judge however sentenced Ashraf to five years in jail for wounding and three months, to be serves concurrently, for assault by beating.


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