India Takes Gold In Tennis


The win brings India its sixth gold medal of the Games

It was one of those interesting games played at the 17th Incheon Asian Games, where the Indian cheerers were continuously nail-biting with their eyes glued to the tennis court every time Sania Mirza lifted her racket.

Sania Mirza and Saketh Myneni won against Chinese Taipei’s Hsien Yin Peng and Hao Ching Chan with 6-4 and 6-3, bringing India its sixth gold medal of the Games. Sanam Singh and Saketh Myneni lost to Korea just before the women’s doubles began between Thailand and Chinese Taipei. India managed to walk out of the match with the silver medal standing.

Right at the new Yeorumul Stadium, spectators for Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and India were full of enthusiasm and excitement. The schedule of the match was disturbed, however, due to weather conditions.

The tennis players moved on and off the court throughout the rain showers, while journalists and cameramen took refuge at the refreshment stands. The Incheon Asian Games volunteers scurried around with blue towels in attempts to dry the courts and help move the eventson. I’m sure that all of the spectators and athletes appreciated their efforts.

Everything fell into place and the game resumed. The women’s doubles match between Thailand and Chinese Taipei resulted in a win for Thailand. The match was followed by the mixed doubles match between India—represented by Sania Mirza and Saketh Myneni—and Chinese Taipei—represented by Sien Yin Peng and Hao Ching Chan. Prior to this, Mirza had been paired with Prarthana Thombare in the last women’s double against Chinese Taipei, which left the Indian pair to settle for bronze.

This time, Sania Mirza walked back into the court with Saketh Myneni Sania with a look of sheer determination. She continued to maintain this attitude throughout the match. This pair seemed to complement each other more efficiently than their past pairings, resulting in the successes.

Before the commencement of the game and during the match itself, it is understandable that the players were focused and nervous at the same time. However, Sania Mirza remained calm and reassured her fans in the stands with warm smiles, waves and confident eye contact.

If Mirza is able to stay focused and continue to sharpen her skills, this global Indian youth icon will have a very bright career and possibly become one of India’s finest players yet.


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