Heartbreak Leads Solihull Man To Catfish Ex


Kewal Jandhu posed as his ex-girlfriend’s uncle, urged her to get back with him

A Solihull man, left heartbroken after his girlfriend broke up with him, posed as her uncle in online communication and urged her to give the relationship another go.


Kewal Jandhu, 36, of Rushford Close, Monkspath in Solihull has denied two charges of harassment after sending his ex-girlfriend, 21-year-old Karam Kaur, a number of emails whilst pretending to be her uncle.


District Judge Zara believed that though Jandhu or someone under his instruction had sent the emails to the victim, they did not amount to harassment.


The Jaguar worker, found guilty of one charge whilst the second was dismissed, was fined £100 for his actions and was prohibited from contacting the victim for the next five years.


Karam Kaur, of Hall Green, told the court that her relationship with Jandhu which started in 2012 had lasted eight months and she had started receiving emails after they broke up.


The emails, which she received periodically from a seemingly genuine address, were sent under the guise of her uncle and offered guidance regarding her relationship.


“I started to get emails after the relationship ended.


“The emails were supposedly from my uncle offering me support and advice.”


The emails stopped for a period of time and she had been informed that her uncle had gone to India.


Kaur resumed her relationship with Jandhu briefly but soon separated.


She was informed via emails, which she started receiving again after their second breakup, that her “rash decision” had left Jandhu “heartbroken”.


She also became conscious that her social media account had been hacked and her Facebook status altered.


Kaur said, “I had tried to get away and move on with my life.”


She explained that the events had left her “scared and distressed”.


“I felt unnerved that somebody could go to these lengths, to pretend to be someone.”


Kaur, upon eventually raising the matter with her uncle, found him to deny ever sending her the emails.


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