Zaf’s Double Award Nomination


Local man nominated for both Pride of Birmingham and National Diversity Award

Mohammed Zafran, a community liaison officer at South and City College who was inspired into taking on a philanthropic role in his community after the murder of his brother-in-law in a Sparkbrook park, has been nominated for The National Diversity Awards 2014.


His remarkable dedication and courageous actions in promoting motivation and competitiveness in youngsters has led Zafran to make a positive impact on more than 7,500 young people in Birmingham. By involving youths who would have otherwise been up to no good in the streets and parks of Birmingham in sports and education, he has kept them busy and out of trouble.


Zafran’s altruistic endeavours have been much lauded. Not only has he been nominated for the local award of Pride of Birmingham, he has also found himself nominated in the UK’s largest diversity awards celebrating unity in society – The National Diversity Awards.


Shortlisted with over 21,000 nominations, he will now be competing with the remaining 5 final contestants to get national recognition for his efforts through the Positive Rolemodel of the Year accolade in the 2014 awards.


The National Diversity Awards which recognise the hard work and dedication of grass-root communities that tackle issues facing today’s societies has been praised by British comedian, writer, producer and actress Meera Syal: “Coming from an Indian background myself I am very proud of my roots and culture, it is great that Britain is hosting an awards ceremony dedicated to every level of diversity throughout our nation.


It presents charities and role models from underrepresented backgrounds with a chance to be rewarded for their hard work, and will push them to continue challenging those who remain prejudice and intolerant.”


Zafran has previously been nominated for the Pride of Birmingham awards, which celebrate “the most courageous and inspiring people” within Birmingham.


In an interesting turn of events, both the local and national awards ceremony will take place on the same day, September 26.


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