No New Investigation Launched into ‘Trojan Horse’


‘West Midlands Police Continues to Assess Information’

West Midlands Police continues to assess information received as part of the report into the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot.

Contrary to media reports today, no crimes have been referred for police investigation directly linked to the alleged ‘plot’ and no fresh inquiry has been launched by the force.


Recently released reports by Peter Clarke, commissioned by the Department for Education, and Ian Kershaw, on behalf of Birmingham City Council, are currently being assessed , along with further information collated by the inquiry teams, to determine if there is any evidence of criminal offences having been committed.


West Midlands Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth said: “As any member of the public would expect, we have continuously worked with the council and the DfE as part of these inquiries and we continue to do so. Our position has not changed since we first became aware of the letter in December 2013.


“Despite media reports suggesting that there are new police investigations into crimes committed at these Birmingham schools, that is not the case.


“The issues raised by these reports are complex and, understandably, we have to assess all of the gathered information in detail to ensure there is nothing identified which may be criminal.


“When the subject matter is so sensitive it is disappointing that the reporting is out of line with reality, as this can potentially inflame situations and raise tensions within the communities of the West Midlands.


“We are speaking with community leaders to ensure they are aware of our current stance – which has not changed since this inquiry first began – and are not alarmed by suggestions to the contrary.”


Four women remain on police bail as part of an ongoing fraud inquiry into alleged bogus resignation letters at Adderley Primary School in Saltley.


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