Dental Nurse Walks Free after Case Against Her is Dropped


Ravinder Kaur Was Accused of Poisoning Her Boss

A Birmingham based women has said her life has been “ruined” after walking free from a trial that accused her of poisoning her boss with mercury.


Ravinder Kaur, 37, a dental nurse, said her career had been “left in tatters” after going through two trials that claimed she had spiked her boss’s Laura Knowles’s coffee in a revenge attack for being disciplined.


Both times a jury tailed to reach as Miss Kaur denied all charges against her. The Crown Prosecution Service, who has earlier charged her with administrating a noxious substance with intent, has now dropped the case against her.


She said, “It has been a horrifying, terrifying experience that has left me scarred. I am a broken person. My dignity and my career have been destroyed. My life has been put on hold for two years, it has made me very unwell. I cannot describe the traumatic effect this has had on me.”


“It has also taken a toll on the lives of my family in Birmingham who have stood by me throughout. I have been stigmatised and victimised.” A jury of eight women and four men deliberated for 11 hours at Blackfriars Crown Court last month before being discharged when they could not deliver a verdict.”


The court heard how there had become ongoing tensions between Miss Kaur and other members of staff at the dental surgery in Shefford, Bedfordshire.


Having already been disciplined twice by Miss Knowles, she was given a final warning by her for “allegedly leaving a patient unattended in the dental chair” an allegation Miss Kaur denies.


Prosecuting, Laura Blackband said, “The Crown’s case is that Ms Kaur, acting out of spite or revenge, took a capsule or a number of capsules of mercury, and tipped it into a mug and handed the cup of coffee to Ms Knowles to drink.”


Miss Kaur said, “Would I really commit a crime that would be detected in two minutes? It’s bizarre. I do not feel bitter, I just feel very relieved. Would I go back into dentistry? No, thank you very much – and I definitely won’t be making tea and coffee for anyone in the future.”


Whilst, a spokesman for the CPS said, “The long and short of it is that the Crown have decided they don’t wish to proceed further in this matter.”


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