Appeal as Family Attacked Outside Akbar’s


Police Investigating Brutal Attack

A man was left with horrific injuries after being brutally attacked outside a restaurant.


Preet Panesar was beaten with tyre irons and baseball bats by a group of seven men whilst walking in the car park of Akbar’s restaurant in Hagley’s Road, Edgbaston.


His friend, Jagdeep Sira, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital after the gang managed to smash his kneecaps whilst his older brother, Hardep, managed to escape with his wife Shelly and Jagdeep’s sister, Jaspreet.


Police are currently investigating by looking through CCTV as well as urging anyone who has information to come forward.


Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Hardep said, “What happened was totally unprovoked. Nothing happened before; nothing happened on the road, we had never seen these people. There was no argument. They simply got out of two cars and began hitting and kicking. My wife is now too scared to leave home.”


According to Hardep, the victims had been about to climb into their Mercedes when they had been ambushed by the gang who were travelling in their Ford Mondeo.


The Mondeo came at us at speed,” added Hardep. “All four doors opened and five people came out with cricket bats, baseball bats and tyre irons and began hitting us. It was completely random.”


“Me and my wife managed to escape – my first reaction was to get my wife to safety, but they were hitting and kicking Preet again and again for about three minutes before speeding off.”


“I thought they were going to kill them both. To their credit, the police were there within seconds. It was horrific. I don’t know who did this, or why, but I’m sure I recognised one of them. I’m sure he walked into the restaurant while we were eating and looked at us.”


A spokesman for West Midlands Police said, “We are currently studying CCTV and interviewing witnesses. We would appeal for anyone with information to contact us on 101.”


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